Leave a note in case something bad happens

You leave a note as an insurance in case something happens to you. We will send it to selected recipient(s) only if you don't check-in for a certain period of time or on a exact date any time in the future.

  • Data privacy compliance
  • Fully encrypted content
  • Customizable admin panel
  • Secure payments by Stripe

How it works?

Sign up

Sign up, confirm your email, phone number, identity, and fill your profile information.

Draft a note

Write a note or record a video message.Select your recipient and note options. We can send the note on exact date or on number of missed check-ins.

All done

In case you don't check-in and cancel the message manually, we will send it with the preferences selected.

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Our Features

These are just some of the things we like to brag with.

Top-notch infrastructure

Fatenote is following latest security technology infrastructure which allows us to be very quick when it comes to new releases.

Email/SMS notifications

Receive notifications via Email, SMS or via both througout the entire process? You choose.

Customizable dashboard

Fatenote has super simple and customizable dashboard which will allow you to see only things of your liking.

Fully responsive design

No matter from what device you login to Fatenote, you will be served a user friendly and sleek design.

Custom reminders

We can be really persisent with the reminders. Or not. You decide.

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